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Benikyu Sweetsׂɂイ

Try our 'Yama no Homare' biscuit, loved for generations!

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Founded in 1825 as a maker of premium-grade 'jogashi' sweets under the name 'Shofuken' with the blessing of the Lord of Itoigawa Domain. With the support of everyone in Itoigawa, we first started making our famous 'Yama no Homare' castella biscuits in 1934. The name of the biscuits, which means 'Glory of the Mountains', was given by none other than the poet and writer Souma Gyofu! They have been a local favorite and one of Itoigawa's most well-known sweets ever since. We continue to keep our hometown Itoigawa's history and traditions alive through our confections.

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Address7-18 Honcho, Itoigawa
Business Hours8:30 - 18:30
Credit cardNo