We can recommend eating and drinking spots in Itoigawa!

Fresh Seafoods
(crab,anglerfish,Nanban-prawn,Gengyo"Deep-sea fish")

民宿割烹 魚がし
Gourmet Minshuku U...
Fresh seafood from the market to our kitchen
Fresh Seafoods Restaurant
かにや横丁 伝宝丸
Kaniya Yokocho - D...
We serve only Benizuwaigani crab. Our motto is 'Cheap and Fresh!' We offer sizes from...
Fresh Seafoods
かにや横丁 宝寿丸
Kaniya Yokocho Hou...
We catch and sell our crabs all season from March through December, so you're guaranteed only...
Fresh Seafoods
かにや横丁 漁盛丸
Kaniya Yokocho Ryo...
??We offer boat cruises! Check our homepage for more information. ??We have a point card.
Fresh Seafoods
かにや横丁 誠栄丸
Kaniya Yokocho - S...
Hello! We're the delicious and inexpensive crab shop, 'Seieimaru.' We've been...
Fresh Seafoods
かにや横丁 惣栄丸
Kaniya Yokocho - S...
Hello! We're the crab shop 'Soueimaru'. Call us 'Sou-chan!' We always hav...
Fresh Seafoods
かにや横丁 長福丸
Kaniya Yokocho Cho...
Service is our motto! We ship throughout the country. Our crabs are caught fresh in the w...
Fresh Seafoods
かにや横丁 海富丸
Kaniya Yokocho - K...
We catch them and we sell them, so we can give the best service and price! We can delive...
Fresh Seafoods
かにや横丁 盛紋丸
Kaniya Yokocho Sei...
We're the cheerful old ladies at Kaniya Yokocho serving mountains of crabs to our customers f...
Fresh Seafoods
膳処 くろひめ
Zendokoro Kurohime
Local Sake, Local Fish, Local Gourmet - We specialize in Itoigawa Food
Geo-Don Itoigawa Black Yakisoba Fresh Seafoods Restaurant Bar・Drinking
Ocean table Mana’o
Fisherman's Iz...
This lively izakaya is run by a local fisherman!!
Geo-Don Itoigawa Black Yakisoba Fresh Seafoods Bar・Drinking
道の駅 親不知ピアパーク レストラン漁火
Oyashirazu Pier Pa...
Panoramic View of the Sea of Japan!
Geo-Don Fresh Seafoods Restaurant
漁師の店 煌凜丸
Geo-Don Fresh Seafoods Bar・Drinking
Geo-Don Fresh Seafoods
寿司割烹 志乃
Sushi Restaurant -...
Enjoy Itoigawa's sake, fish and local cuisine all in one place
Fresh Seafoods Sushi
Sushi Hiro
Sushi, Local Fish and Unagi
Geo-Don Fresh Seafoods Sushi
Seaside Isogai
A seaside restaurant run by fishermen
Geo-Don Fresh Seafoods Restaurant
地魚料理 すし活
Local Seafood - Su...
Ingredients crafted by nature, arranged by a master sushi chef
Fresh Seafoods Sushi
Shori Sushi
Sushi restaurant with private rooms. Look for the tanuki statue!
Fresh Seafoods Sushi
道の駅 マリンドリーム能生
Road Station - Mar...
The Sea of Japan's Bounty, Straight from the Fishermen!
Fresh Seafoods Restaurant
海鮮料理 あすか
Seafood Dining - A...
Seasonal feast prepared by a fisherman
Fresh Seafoods Restaurant Bar・Drinking
和の旬 かんのや
Seasonal Japanese ...
Gifts of the Sea of Japan, Mountain Farms & Itoigawa's Five Sake Breweries
Fresh Seafoods Restaurant Bar・Drinking
割烹 倉また
Kuramata Banquet Hall
Hospitality with the Sea of Japan, Northern Alps, Seafood, Mountain Vegetables
Fresh Seafoods
Jade Gorge Fishing...
Fresh caught, fresh grilled char, mountain trout and rainbow trout
Fresh Seafoods
漁師の寿司 漁場 傳兵
Fisherman's Su...
Run by a fisherman for 40 years! Enjoy fresh seasonal local fish!
Geo-Don Fresh Seafoods Sushi Restaurant
Handmade gourmet cuisine in a relaxed Japanese-style atmosphere
Fresh Seafoods Bar・Drinking
Banya (Marine Drea...
Fresh seafood including crab and beautiful views of the Sea of Japan
Fresh Seafoods Restaurant
道の駅 親不知ピアパーク レストピア
Road Station - Oya...
Restaurant & Gift Corner - Restopia
Geo-Don Fresh Seafoods
Good Food, Good Drink, Good Friends
Fresh Seafoods Sushi Restaurant Ramen・Udon・Soba Bar・Drinking